Become A Member

Members are the roots of sustainability for our organization! 

Being a member of the Amenia Regenerative Center is an excellent value for folks who want to connect with the natural world and support environmental education.

Membership is our primary avenue for sustained engagement with our community. It is also a core means of financial support for the organization. 

The annual membership fee is a tiered structure based on the number of people in the household.

$75 for One Person 
Add $25 for each additional person in the household, up to 6 people per household.

Members receive the following benefits for the year of their paid membership:

* 1 three-day camping visit per year
* Invitation to join our monthly Membership Call
* Our digital newsletter and other updates.
* 20% discount on all programs and workshops
* Invitation to our Annual Members Picnic
* Automatic entry into our Annual Members Raffle
* 1 Amenia Regenerative Center bumper sticker
* A Membership Card

Members in good standing have the opportunity to vote for our Board of Directors.
Become A Member Today!