Our Leadership Team

Dan Sheridan - General Manager / Sustainability Director
Dan Sheridan was born and raised in the mid Hudson valley in a large family in a small town. From a young age his facinanition of wild foraged foods, plant medicine and ecology inspired him to follow a career in environmental science and forestry. In the start of his second year at SUNY Cobleskill Dan was in an accident requiring extensive reconstructive spinal surgery. During the three years of recovery he spent his time reading and researching methods of self suffiency, primitive survival, and native plant identification. Once able to start walking and driving again he began his life as a volunteer working with solar cities biogas innovators and praxtioners learning new applications of ancient methods for more sustainable waste management, volunteering at Chapel of Sacred Mirrors as their herbalist, gardener, and running a tea lounge at monthly events. After 3 years of local volunteering and regular physical therapy Dan choose to start traveling the county working with small communities and non profit organization creating permaculture plans, teaching classes on gas digester, and sharing his hand crafted teas. At the end of 2019 Dan Sheridan joined the team of the Amenia Regenerative Center first as our Sustainability Director and then joined the board as president of the organization.
Dan in his ARC T-Shirt
Seth Henry - Volunteer Manager
I am Seth H. Henry, i am, a lifelong political peace and environmental activist. I work under the name of Green Man Landscapes, which is a Native, Habitat and Edible gardens landscape company. That work is not only my business but also my passion. The ARC gives me a chance to work to pass that along to others.
Seth Henry on the trail
Tem Noon - Website Wrangler
Tem Noon has been a "Computer Guy" since the 1970's. Philosopher, Phenomenologist, StreetBuddhist and musician, with aspirations and inclinations to help friends do good things. 
Tem Noon - Web Wrangler